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Cellphones and Distracted Driving


Talking on a cellphone while driving can be hard to resist, but if you do, you are breaking the law and could be fined. To respect the law and avoid problems, you have other options when using a cellphone behind the wheel.

What Is Not Allowed

You’re not allowed to use a cellphone while driving unless you’re using a hands-free device. If your hands-free device requires earphones, you can only wear an earphone in one ear.

You may also use your cellphone without a hands-free device under the following conditions:

  • Your telephone is mounted on a bracket attached to your car.
  • The screen doesn’t block your view of the road or interfere with your driving.
  • The cellphone displays only information that is relevant to driving.
  • You must be able to consult and operate it without interfering with your driving.
  • In some cases, you can use your cellphone without a hands-free device and without following the conditions mentioned above. This is particularly the case if you’re using your cellphone to call 911 or make a contactless payment while your car is stopped without being parked.

What Is at Risk

If the police stop you, they can give you a ticket. This means you could be fined and even get five demerit points on your driving record. This is enough to lose your probationary licence.

If it’s not the first time police stop you for using a cellphone while driving, your licence can be immediately suspended.

Important: A Quebec court has ruled that “using a cellphone” includes plugging it in to charge it — even if the cellphone is turned off at the time. Therefore, it is illegal to plug in your phone while driving.

To Avoid Problems

To avoid getting demerit points or a fine, wait until you’re completely parked before using your cellphone. Using your phone while stopped at a red light or stalled in traffic is an offence.