Crimes and Tickets

Demerit Points


Getting a ticket is never fun, especially when you find out you’re also getting demerit points. You might wonder whether you lose or accumulate demerit points in your driving record, and how they affect your driver’s licence.

Zero demerit points: good or bad?

It’s good! The day you get your learner’s licence, you have zero demerit points. Your goal is not to get any!

How do you get demerit points?

When you get certain driving tickets (e.g., speeding).

The number of demerit points you get depends on the type of driving ticket. It also usually depends on how serious the ticket is.

To find out how many demerit points come with different kinds of tickets, visit the SAAQ website.

Where are demerit points entered?

Demerit points are entered in your driving record.

Driving records are kept by the SAAQ. You can find out from the SAAQ how many demerit points you have.

You have some demerit points. When will they be erased?

Demerit points stay in your driving record for two years. After that, they’re erased.

Could you eventually lose your driver’s licence?

If you have a learner’s licence or a probationary licence, you can’t have more than three demerit points in your driving record. When you get four or more (e.g., drinking and driving = four demerit points), you lose your licence!

For more information, visit the SAAQ website.