Homeschooling: Some Conditions That Must Be Respected

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Quebec students and parents are facing an extraordinary back-to-school period due to COVID. If you’re among the parents who have opted for homeschooling, make sure you’re aware of the following requirements.

Informing that your child will not be attending school

If you have chosen to homeschool, you must send a written notice to that effect to the ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur (Quebec department of education) as well as to the school board of the school your child would be attending.  You must send this before July 1st of each year.

You can also choose to switch to homeschooling during the school year. In this situation, the notice must be sent within 10 days of the date at which your child stops attending school.

Presenting a learning project

You must send the department a learning project each year. This document must contain the following information:

  • a description of the educational approach you will be using
  • the programs of study and the subjects you will cover
  • the related educational activities you will be doing
  • the educational resources you will use
  • the methods you will use to evaluate your child’s progress

Evaluating your child

You must monitor your child’s progress during the entire learning project. To do this, you must use the methods of evaluation you chose and indicated in the learning project. Parents can choose from among several formal methods of evaluation, or can opt to submit a portfolio to the department of education.

You must also send the department two written reports: one during the school year and another at the end of the school year. These reports describe your child’s learning progress and the methods of evaluation used to assess it.

To learn more about homeschooling, consult the website of the ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur.