Quebec’s National Holiday: A Holiday Unlike Others

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This year, Quebec’s National Holiday takes place on Saturday, June 24. But don’t worry! You’ll be entitled to your paid time off the day before, on June 23. 

Day off for a holiday? 

Friday or Saturday, it’s not always easy to know which day a holiday falls on when working. The National Holiday Act sets out special rules for this public holiday. For example: if someone must work on June 24 and their employer offers them paid leave, it must be taken on the day they work before or after June 24.

For other public holidays, the paid leave can usually be taken up to three weeks before or after the exact date of the holiday. 

What compensation will you receive if you work? 

If the employer does not offer paid leave, they must pay compensation to the employee

This compensation amounts to 5% of the wages earned in the 4 full weeks of pay prior to the week of June 24. This is equivalent to about one day’s pay. 

For employees paid in whole or in part by commission, the amount of the allowance is 1.66% (1/60) of the wages earned over the previous 12 weeks. Tips are included in this calculation, but not overtime. 

Who does this holiday apply to?

Paid time off for Quebec’s National Holiday applies to almost all workers, whether or not they are covered by the Act respecting labour standards

But be careful! It does not apply to self-employed workers. 

Federal employees working in Quebec may be entitled to paid leave on Quebec’s National Holiday. It all depends on their collective agreement or employment contract. 

Did you know? The other legal public holidays are

  • January 1 (New Year’s Day),
  • Good Friday or Easter Monday (employer’s choice),
  • The Monday before May 25 (National Patriots’ Day),
  • July 1 or July 2 if July 1 is a Sunday (Canada Day),
  • 1st Monday in September (Labour Day),
  • 2nd Monday in October (Thanksgiving), and
  • December 25 (Christmas Day).