Snowfall in Quebec: Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute to Prep!

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What do the first snowfall of the season and Christmas decorations in stores have in common? Neither wait for Halloween to be over before cropping up! Don’t let winter catch you by surprise. Here are some reminders to help you get ready.   

Don’t wait until December 1st for winter tires! 

Since 2019, winter tires are mandatory as of December 1st instead of December 15th. Since snow is already falling in some parts of Quebec, don’t wait! You might have trouble finding a garage before the deadline if you procrastinate too much. 

Snow shelters for your car: the rules 

Many of you will install snow shelters in order to avoid having to shovel your driveway constantly. But are you allowed to do so? The answer depends on where you live. The rules may differ, but generally there are limits on: 

  • The size of the shelter, 
  • When it can be installed and for how long, 
  • The need to get a permit beforehand – in some places, it’s mandatory! 

Heating: what temperature? 

Does your lease state that heating will be included in your rent? If so, common sense is necessary. No matter how cold it is outside, your landlord must make sure that the temperature is adequate in your apartment.  

There is no minimum temperature set by law. However, the Tribunal administratif du logement (TAL or rental board of Quebec) has said that the temperature must stay above a certain minimum (about 21 degrees Celsius) in normal weather.