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Court Usher

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Court ushers get courtrooms ready for hearings, greet witnesses and make sure people behave properly in court. They make sure court hearings run smoothly.


The person who says these words at the beginning of every court session is called a court usher. Court ushers are important because they make sure court hearings run smoothly. 

Before the judge arrives, court ushers make sure everything is in order for the hearing. They check whether the courtroom is ready, whether the necessary equipment is in place and whether the lawyers have arrived. Court ushers also accompany judges between their offices and the courtroom.

During a hearing, court ushers show witnesses where to stand and make sure everyone in the courtroom behaves properly. They also do jobs for judges, such as making photocopies. 

Court ushers must have these abilities:

  • know and enforce the rules of correct behaviour in court
  • express themselves clearly

Day-to-day work

Main Duties

  • prepare and open courtrooms
  • help judges and accompany them between their offices and the courtroom
  • greet and show witnesses where to stand during the hearing
  • make sure people in the courtroom behave properly
  • help judges during the trial, for example, by making photocopies

Work Environment 

Court ushers work part-time and must be on call. Their work schedule might change from week to week depending on how busy the court is.

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