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Sale of Pre-arranged Funeral Contracts


The law is strict when it comes to selling pre-arranged funerals. The rules are   clear about where, when and how you can be approached to buy this kind of service. 

Rules about sales practices 

Sales practices are also called “solicitation”. The law restricts solicitation regarding pre-arranged funerals. Solicitation by phone or in health care facilities is not allowed, unless it is requested by the people who are contacted. Also, the following people cannot be solicited at all, unless they ask for it:  

  • people who have recently lost someone close   
  • sick people  
  • people who have spent time in a hospital or other health care facility, or a senior citizens’ residence   

Sale of Pre-arrangements at Your Home 

If you want to meet a sales representative, you must make a request. Then the representative must respect these rules: 

  • get your permission at least 24 hours before coming to your home 
  • visit you only between 9:30 am and 10pm 
  • make sure that the visit does not last more than two hours  

The representative must leave your home as soon as you make this request. The representative must not  do these things: 

  • intimidate you 
  • be persistent 
  • harass you in any way 
  • communicate with you within one year of your refusal to sign a contract  

Funeral services business licence 

Sellers who want to negotiate and make pre-arranged funeral contracts must have a funeral services business licence. 

The permit is valid for three years and is renewable. It is given by the ministry of health and social services.  

You can find out if a seller really has a permit by checking the ministry’s  directory (website in French only). 

A registry for pre-arranged funeral contracts

In 2021, a new registry for funeral prearrangements and for prepurchased sepulture contracts was created. Before entering into any contract, a company offering funeral services must check this registry to see whether a contract dealing with the same person or services was already created.