Carpooling: Know the Rules!

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Now that the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine Tunnel is closed for the next three years, carpooling might be looking like a good way to get around. But do you know the rules?

When you’re carpooling, it’s important to respect certain criteria. If you don’t, you could be illegally offering paid passenger transportation without knowing it!

Number of people

You must use a vehicle designed to carry nine passengers or less. Also, did you know that a different type of driver’s licence is required to drive vehicles that carry more than nine passengers?

Reason for driving

Transporting passengers must be optional. It can’t be the only reason you’re driving. In other words, you would have made the same trip even if you didn’t have any passengers.

Sharing costs

If you ask your passengers to pay you something, the amount your passengers pay you can’t be more than your actual expenses. The goal must be to share costs, not to make a profit. For example, you could ask passengers to pay you $0.54 per kilometer plus their part of the cost of parking or tolls.