Winter Rules: Test Your Knowledge!

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In Quebec, winter rules! But winter also has its own (legal) rules. Here’s a chance to test your knowledge of them — and learn about any you’re not familiar with.

True or False?


Since 2019, winter tires are mandatory as of the December 1st.

If you’re a car owner, hopefully you’ve taken care of this by now! If not, your next driving destination should be a garage to put on snow tires. And be sure to make an appointment well before December 1st next year. The closer to the deadline, the harder to get an appointment!


If municipal employees make a mistake or act negligently during snow removal, and you suffer damages, you are entitled to compensation.

Important! to preserve your right to claim compensation for any damages to property, you have to send the municipality a notice quickly. In many municipalities, you have just 15 days to do so. In most others, you have 60 days.

To learn more, see our articles Municipal Works: Who’s Responsible for Damages? and Claiming Compensation for Damages Caused by Municipal Public Works


This one’s a bit trickier! Our winter weather can be very challenging, making it impossible for municipalities to guarantee that sidewalks will always be clear of snow and ice.

To obtain compensation, you’d have to prove that the municipality made some mistake or acted in a faulty manner with regard to snow or ice removal.

To learn more, see our article Civil Liability: Receiving Compensation for Damages.


There’s no single rule for the whole province. The dates vary from one place to another, so you should check with your municipality.

While you’re at it, you should check for any other rules regarding car shelters that may apply in your municipality. These may concern, for example:

  • the shelter’s dimensions
  • whether or not you need a permit
  • or even whether car shelters are prohibited


In addition to being unsafe, driving with snow on the roof of your car is illegal under the Highway Safety Code, which provides that you must clear your car of snow and ice before your hit the road. If you don’t do this, you could be fined.

This rule applies to every part of your car: the windshield, windows, roof, hood and even the licence plate!