LGBTQ+: Conversion Therapies Now Banned

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This article is under review with respect to the time limit to file a civil lawsuit.

Quebec has banned ‘conversion therapies’ that seek to change someone’s sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

Illegal Practice

It is now illegal to offer any service or therapy that aims to:

  • Change someone’s sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression, or
  • Repress any non-heterosexual sexual activity.

This ban applies to all practices, including spiritual practices. It also does not matter if the practice is free or paid.

Important! This ban does not apply to any steps relating to the affirming your gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation (surgery, counselling, etc.). This also applies to any accompaniment during this process. For example, you can have someone come with you to your therapist if you are questioning your gender identity or sexual orientation.

Possible Compensation for Victims

Anyone who has undergone conversion therapy can go to court for compensation for any physical or mental damage suffered due to conversion therapy.

To learn more about deadlines to sue someone, please read our articles on:

Making a Complaint Against a Professional

You can file a complaint against any member of a professional order who offered or carried out conversion therapies. For example, a psychologist or a social worker. The professional may be suspended or expelled from their professional order and be fined between $5,000-$150,000. If they reoffend, the fines double.

Action Plan in Development

The government will adopt an action plan by December 11, 2021. This will include an awareness campaign to help fight against illegal conversion therapies.

A Crime Soon?

There is a draft bill in the federal Parliament to make offering conversion therapies a crime. This would ban it across Canada.

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