New Rights for Non-Binary People

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The rights of non-binary people in Quebec changed on June 17th. The law now allows people to choose how they will be identified on official documents. But what does this mean in practice?

People can now designate their gender as “X”

People in Québec can now change the gender designation on their official documents if it does not correspond to their gender identity. They can now choose “X” rather than “F” or “M”.

The first request for a copy of a certificate with a change of gender designation is now free.

For more information on the process for changing your gender designation on your official documents, see our article Gender Identity: Changing Your Official Documents

People can now simply be identified as a “parent” on a birth certificate

A person can now choose to be designated as a “parent” on their child’s birth certificate, rather than as the “mother” or “father”.

This choice can be made at the time of the child’s birth. In this situation, the parent in question can simply indicate this choice on the child’s declaration of birth.

The choice can also be made after the birth, even years later. This is known as a change of parental designation. To request this, the parent must complete and send the Demande de changement de désignation parentale form (in French only, for the moment) to the Directeur de l’état civil (registrar of civil status).

If the parent has a child over 14, they must inform the child of this request.