Sexual Assault: Using Mediation to Obtain Reparations

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In many cases of sexual assault, victims choose not to file a complaint with police. There are other means of obtaining reparations, and some are not well known. One of these is mediation.

Mediation: an opportunity for dialogue

Mediation involves discussion sessions between the two persons involved in a conflict. A mediator is present and takes part in the discussion. The role of the mediator is to assist the two parties to arrive at an agreement. The mediator does not take sides, but rather encourages dialogue to help the parties resolve their conflict and agree on a satisfactory outcome.

Trying to “turn the page”

For mediation to work, both people involved in the conflict must obviously agree to participate.

There are many possible outcomes. For example, the two people involved could decide that the aggressor will pay the victim financial compensation, or that the aggressor will apologize to the victim. This may be an important step in “turning the page”.

Many organizations offer mediation services or citizen mediation services, including: