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Me Julien-Maurice Laplante


An Observer-Member of the Board since 2021, Me Julien-Maurice Laplante is also director of development of access to justice at the Quebec department of justice.

Three things to know about Me Julien-Maurice Laplante 

The last book he’s read: Là où je me terre by Caroline Dawson

Enjoys a coffee with one cream and one sugar

The historical event of the most importance for him: The Quiet Revolution

A lawyer who has practiced in the field of information technology, Me Laplante has also worked in dispute resolution and access to justice. In his view, any initiative that makes it possible to move from words to deeds enhances access to justice. A key to success is consolidating actions by government organizations, legal practitioners, judges, civil society and, especially, community organizations working to advance access to justice.

A lawyer for more than 20 years, Me Laplante and his team can be credited with establishing the directorate for the development of access to justice within the Quebec department of Justice, the program of pre-mediation and mediation, and elaborating the Act to improve justice accessibility and efficiency. Me Laplante has also participated in programs to strengthen the legal systems of many countries, including Rwanda, Serbia, Mali, and Burkina Faso.

Caring, empathetic and always ready to listen, Me Laplante also contributed to drafting an open-source software license for the Quebec government. Aside from his work, there’s no doubt that his greatest accomplishment is his family, which enables him to pass the torch to a new generation.