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Mr. Nicolas Prévost


Nicolas Prévost has served on the Board since June 2022

Three things to know about Nicolas Prévost

The last TV series he’s watched: Wednesday

He prefers orange juice to coffee or tea.

He would like to dine with François Legault, for his sense of humour and amiability.

President of the Fédération québécoise des directions d’établissement d’enseignement (FQDE), Nicolas Prévost views his involvement with Éducaloi as complementary to his own work. Constantly seeking balance in a society that, in his view, moves too quickly and in which everyone is seeking some personal gain, Nicolas believes in the importance of knowledge of every sort.

His greatest accomplishments include being named President of the FQDE and having been a secondary school teacher while managing to be involved in different volunteer community activities. In particular, Nicolas established a structure for student sports in the Mont Laurier region. This did not exist before and is now well-established.

Attentive, conciliatory and rigorous, had Nicolas not chosen to be a teacher, he would no doubt have chosen a profession promoting body balance, such as acupuncture or culinary arts.