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Ms. Alexandra Langelier


Alexandra Langelier is Treasurer of Éducaloi’s Board of Directors, as well as Chair of the Audit Committee and the new Resolutions Committee.

3 things you need to know about Alexandra

She loves biographical films, most recently Gifted Hands and True Spirit.

Her hobby: she's been playing classical violin since she was a child

Totally coffee!

A Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), Alexandra has been overseeing of the professional development program for the Quebec CPA Order for over a decade. Her main objective is to meet the professional needs of Quebec’s CPAs by providing them with ongoing training that addresses new market requirements and trends. What does she like? Supporting and providing her team with the tools they need to be effective and deliver the best possible service for CPAs.

She joined Éducaloi’s Board of Directors to participate in a mission she considers both noble and important. Passion, action, and integrity are three words that could be used to describe her.

In fact, respect is one of her greatest values, be it for institutions or the environment. Alexandra cannot imagine a relationship without this crucial element. It’s also the reason why she feels compelled to do her part to help tackle inequality and social injustice. Above all, Alexandra remains a devoted mother involved with her family, who provide her with a sense of balance.