Different Types of Health Care


Patients generally have the right to accept or refuse health care.  

Some care is necessary for a patient’s health. Other care is optional. The age and mental abilities of a patient can have an impact what types of care – necessary or optional − the patient can agree to.  

This article explains what care is considered necessary for a patient’s health and what care is considered to be optional. 

Optional Care  

Here are examples of care considered not necessary for a patient’s health: 

  • tattoos 
  • plastic surgery, unless it is needed due to burns, a birth defect or an accident 

Care Necessary for a Patient’s Health 

There are many kinds of care that can fall into in this category. Here are some examples:  

  • hospitalization 
  • medication 
  • plastic surgery needed following burns, a birth defect or an accident 
  • feeding 
  • blood tests  
  • abortion