Sport Hunting: Where to Begin?


Sport hunting is a popular activity in Quebec. But don’t be too quick to set out for the forest. Since hunting involves the use of weapons, prudence is in order to ensure that you follow all the rules.

Obtain the necessary licence

To hunt in Quebec, you must be at least 12 years old. That’s the minimum age required to begin the training required to hunt and trap.

The first step is to obtain the certificate that allows you to purchase licences for hunting, weapons and ammunition. To obtain this certificate, you must take the following courses:

Once you complete that training, you obtain a hunter’s certificate coded “F” to indicate “firearms”: 

You can take additional courses if you wish to hunt with a bow or crossbow and obtain a code “A” for bow or crossbow on your certificate.

Then, you can apply for a Possession and Acquisition Licence. When you purchase a firearm, you must register it with the Québec Firearms Registration Service.

Territories and game

You need to choose the territory where you’d like to hunt. Quebec is divided into 29 geographic zones, each with its own rules. The hunting period and type of game you can hunt depend on the zone. For example, you’re permitted to hunt deer in Abitibi in October, while in Lanaudière it’s in November. If you’d like to hunt on private land, you must obtain permission from the land owners.

Once the hunting season is open, you need to obtain the appropriate hunting licence. The licence is issued according to the zone, type of animal and weapon used. For large game, such as moose, you must attach to the animal’s body two transportation coupons from the licences of two different hunters.

You must act responsibly

You’re required to wear a fluorescent bib in hunting zones. In addition, it’s generally prohibited to hunt at night or to fire on an animal from a public road or a vehicle. The transportation of weapons and ammunition is also regulated. You must store the weapon in a locked case.

If you’re negligent, you could be held responsible. For example, if someone is harmed due to a fault on your part, you must repair the damage or pay compensation to that person. You could also face the criminal charge of negligent use of a firearm if you fail to act in a reasonably prudent manner.