Housing and Property

The Land Register


You’ll probably hear about the land register at some point when buying a home, whether before, during or after the transaction. The land register contains a lot of useful information about the property.

Why should you consult the land register?

The land register has the complete legal history of your property, including  

  • who has bought or sold it, 
  • when these transactions took place, and 
  • the selling price of the property. 

You’ll also see all the mortgages and a description of any rights of way on the property.

The land register is the best way to learn who is the true owner of land or a building. You can also get this information from the municipal evaluation roll or tax bills, but these are not always completely up to date.

How can you consult the land register?

Quebec’s land register is available online. You’ll need the property’s lot number to search. You should be able to find the number on the government website Info-lot (French only).

For more information about how to carry out searches, visit the website of the land register (French only).

How much does it cost?

You can find the fees for consulting the land register on the fees page of the land register website (French only).