Legal System

Legal Aid for Children and Teens


Children and teens sometimes need lawyers. Depending on the circumstances, a lawyer can represent eligible children and teens for free or at low cost.

Situations where a legal aid lawyer can represent a child or teen for free or at low cost

The Director of Youth Protection (DYP) is involved

A child or teen can receive the services of a legal aid lawyer if the DYP is involved in the child’s life. These services are usually free.

The teen has been accused of a crime

A teen who has been accused of a crime has rights, like anyone else, and usually qualifies for free legal aid.

Only the financial situation of the child or teen is taken into account  

If the DYP is involved in the child’s life or a teen has been accused of a crime, eligibility for legal aid is based only on the child’s or teen’s own income and savings.

Since children and teens usually have little income, they often qualify for legal aid and can be represented by a lawyer at no cost.

Other situations where a child or teen needs a lawyer

A child or teen might need a lawyer in other situations, for example, if they want to have their say in a custody dispute.

To determine whether the child or teen qualifies for legal aid, their financial situation and sometimes that of their parents will be considered.

If only the financial situation of a child or teen is taken into account, the parents may be required to refund the legal aid office for the cost of the services received.

To determine whether a child or teen is eligible for legal aid, contact the legal aid office in your region. For more information: Legal Aid Offices (legal services commission).

The Commission des services juridiques (legal aid)

Our partner, the Commission des services juridiques (legal aid), is responsible for applying Québec's Act respecting legal aid and the provision of certain other legal services. The Commission ensures that legal aid is available to every eligible person who applies for it.

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