Back to School: What You Need to Know When Buying a Computer

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It’s back to school! If you’re planning on buying a new computer and you don’t want to pay for an extended warranty or protection plan, are you still covered?

Legal warranties

You are protected by consumer protection laws when you buy a computer from a business. This is called a ‘legal warranty’.

It applies automatically when you buy any product from a business in Quebec, even if it came from overseas. It is free.

Attention! The business must tell you about the legal warranty verbally and in writing before offering you any extended warranty or protection plan.

Refund and replacement

The legal warranty protects you against hidden defects in your computer.

It also protects you if your computer is of poor quality or isn’t what was promised to you when you purchased it.

In these cases, the vendor or manufacturer must either refund you or replace the computer.

If you have problems having the vendor or manufacturer honour the legal warranty or if you have a complaint against a business, you can speak to the Office de la protection du consommateur (consumer protection office).

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