Volkswagen Class Action for All Quebecers

In the News

The Superior Court just permitted a class action be taken against Volkswagen. If successful, every Quebecer could get as much as $35.

Dieselgate Aftermath

Dieselgate exploded in 2015 with news that Volkswagen and Audi cars were fixed to fool pollution tests.

The AQLPA, an organization against air pollution, started the class action. It claims that anyone living in Quebec between 2009 and 2015 should be compensated for being exposed to this pollution unknowingly.

The AQLPA claims $35 for each Quebecer. But the money might be used to pay for anti-pollution measures rather than going directly into Quebecers’ pockets.

Class Actions: Force in Numbers

class action is a court case where one person makes a request to the court on behalf of everyone who had the same problem.

Several class actions hit the news recently, such as those involving LCD screens, furniture made with polyurethane foam and the iPhone.   

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