The articles in this web guide were created for Indigenous people in Quebec with attention to the different laws that apply to them.

This guide explains the rules for wills and estates for these Indigenous people:

  • registered under the Indian Act
  • living in a community (“reserve”) when they died

The rules also apply to these Indigenous people:

  • temporarily away from the community
  • living outside the community, for example, to study or for health reasons.


The guide does not apply to some communities. 

The rules in this guide don’t apply to these Indigenous people:

  • Inuit, Naskapi, Cree and Métis people
  • living outside a community (“off reserve”)

If you’re an Indigenous person living outside a community, or if you’re not an Indigenous person, the Civil Code of Québec applies to you. To learn more, read our articles on wills and estates.

The Criminal Legal Process

Our guide, I’m in trouble with the law. Can you help?, answers questions about the criminal legal process. It focuses on the reality of Indigenous people in Quebec.

Legal Careers

Get to know real-life Indigenous legal professionals through these powerful video testimonials (English and French).

Interested in learning more about legal careers? Discover our legal careers activity for teachers on

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