Separation and Divorce

Asking for a Divorce


To ask for a divorce, you must file certain documents in court. A request for a divorce is officially called an “Application for Divorce.” The divorce process begins when you prepare an application for divorce.

You can prepare the application on your own using our web guide Applying for a Divorce. This guide includes a model application for divorce that you can fill out.  However, this model may not respond to the needs of every person..

The best way to protect your rights when asking for a divorce is to have a lawyer prepare the application for divorce.

Documents You Need When Asking for a Divorce

These documents must usually be attached to an application for divorce:

  • birth certificates for both spouses
  • spouses’ marriage certificate
  • spouses’ marriage contract, if there is one

In some cases, other documents are needed too:

Undertakings and recognizances are formal promises that a person accused of a crime makes to a police officer or the court. The person usually promises to appear in court and to follow certain conditions.   

Consequences of a Divorce Application

There are many serious consequences of filing a divorce application. For example, the spouses may be wondering

A lawyer can set your mind at ease by providing advice that applies to your specific situation. If the spouses aren’t able to reach an agreement, a temporary judgment can settle any emergencies until the divorce is final.

Collaborative Divorce

A collaborative divorce saves time and money. It’s definitely something to keep in mind.