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At What Age Can People Buy or Smoke Cigarettes?


The law is strict in Quebec when it comes to the sale of tobacco products and where people can smoke.

This article explains the main rules for people under 18.

The same rules usually apply to all tobacco products: cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigars and shisha.

You’re not allowed to buy cigarettes if you’re under 18.

You’re also not allowed to say you’re older so you can buy cigarettes. Store clerks can ask you for proof of age.

People under 18 are also not allowed to ask an adult to buy cigarettes for them. Store clerks can refuse to sell cigarettes to an adult if they think the adult is buying them to sell or give them to someone under 18.

Important! People under 18 who don’t follow these rules are breaking the law and can be fined.

Businesses that sell cigarettes to minors can also be fined or even lose their licence to sell tobacco products. Store clerks themselves can be fined if they don’t obey the rules.

There are places where you’re not allowed to smoke.

The law doesn’t prevent you from smoking if you’re under 18.

But smoking is not allowed in most places. For example, you’re not allowed to smoke at school, at work or in some parks, sports fields or centres (skating rinks, football fields, pools, etc.), skate parks, movie theatres, restaurants, coffee shops or shopping centres. You’re also not allowed to smoke in a car if there’s someone under 16 with you.

And you can’t go into a cigar or shisha lounge until you’re 18.

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