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Piercing and Tattoos


In Quebec, it’s not illegal for a minor to get a body piercing or a tattoo. A “minor” is a person under 18.

But this doesn’t mean that a salon will give a piercing or tattoo to a minor. Salons are allowed to have their own policies on how they will deal with minors. They are even allowed to refuse services to all minors!

If you find a salon that agrees to give you a piercing or tattoo, do you need your parents’ permission?

For teenagers under 14, some judges and lawyers think that the law does not require parental permission for certain types of piercings, such as piercing a belly button or an ear. However, permission would be required for a tongue piercing or a tattoo. Other judges and lawyers think that permission is required in all situations.

The law protects younger teenagers and puts more restrictions on their choices. Getting a piercing or tattoo is a big decision after all.

For teenagers 14 to 17 years old, most judges and lawyers think that you can make this kind of decision on your own if you are able to understand the impact of your decision, and there are no serious risks for your health.

You can see that the law is not always completely clear!

No specific law covers piercing and tattoo salons when it comes to safety, training for employees and cleanliness, so you need to be informed and careful.