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Tanning Salons: Not for People Under 18


Artificial tanning is very popular these days, but it can be harmful to people’s health. When young people use artificial tanning, it increases their risk of getting skin cancer. For this reason, Quebec law limits who can go to tanning salons.


People under 18 are not allowed to use tanning salons.

Tanning salon owners can’t:

  • offer artificial tanning services to people under 18;
  • sell tanning services to people under 18, even if the services are for someone else;
  • allow people under 18 to go into the room where the tanning equipment is located (without a legitimate reason)

It’s also against the law for people under 18 to pretend to be an adult in order to use a tanning salon.

Owners can ask customers to show their ID to prove that they are at least 18 years old.

Health Reasons

These restrictions don’t apply to private health facilities or specialized medical centres. Doctors can use ultraviolet (UV) equipment on people who need special treatments for their skin, even if they are under 18.