Administrative Tribunals: They Matter!

In the News

There are 15 administrative tribunals in Quebec that deal with the things that impact your daily life. To celebrate the 9th Journée nationale de la justice administrative (national day of administrative law) which was on May 9th, we’ll highlight a few important tribunals!

Everyday Tribunals

Quebec’s administrative tribunals deal with the everyday situations of life: housing, work, immigration, social assistance. Their primary job is to settle disputes between citizens and the government. They also deal with disputes between citizens.

Contesting a rent increase? Visit the Tribunal administratif du logement (rental board).

Filing a complaint against the police? Contact the Comité de déontologie policière (police ethics committee).

Challenging your boss’s decision to fire you? The Tribunal administratif du travail (labour tribunal) is the place to go.  

Contest a government decision? Contact the Tribunal administratif du Québec (administrative tribunal).

Protecting you

Quebec’s administrative tribunals hear over 140,000 cases a year. The 400+ judges come from many different professional backgrounds: lawyers, doctors, psychologists, social workers, engineers, etc.

Their goal is to promote access to justice by providing a fast, flexible system that is adapted to the needs of Quebecers.

The theme of this year’s Journée nationale de la justice administrative was “Administrative Tribunals: real justice that matters to you”.