Dogs Rule! And Rules for Dogs …

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Whether your dog yaps, yips or just wags its tail, you have responsibilities as a pet owner. Thinking of adopting a furry friend? Getting out more now that spring is here? Read on!

Check your local rules

Your city or town probably has rules on pets. They vary from place to place. For example, you might need to use a leash, pick up doggy doo-doo and have a permit.

Go to your local government’s website to find all the rules. 

If your dog bites someone

If your dog injures someone, you are responsible. And you are responsible even if you took precautions.  The victim only has to show that your dog caused the injuries. 

Someone else was taking care of your dog? That person could be responsible, but you might still be too!  

In some cases, the victim might share the blame, for example, if the victim provoked the dog. 

Can landlords say no to dogs?  

It’s legal for landlords to say no to pets. But they must write this in the lease. There are a few exceptions—situations in which the landlord must allow a pet. One exception is when you have a pet to cope with a disability. 

But even when landlords allow pets, you must follow some rules. For example, your pet can’t disturb other people and you must keep your apartment clean. So, you have the same responsibilities as people without pets. 

Your dog barks all day when you’re out? Your dog poops inside the building? Your landlord could ask you to get rid of your pet. If you refuse, the landlord can ask for cancellation of your lease. 

Condo living

You live in a condo or duplex? Check your condo agreement and building rules, or your co-ownership agreement before getting a giant Saint Bernard. There might be limits on the type and size of animals.

And you still have to be a good neighbour in a co-property!

Last, but not least, notify your insurance company. Having a pet can affect the price of your insurance.