Driving in School Zones: Use Extra Care

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For many parents, back-to-school is very stressful: a drop-off at daycare before getting the older one to school and then rushing off to work. But there could be a heavy price to pay if you drive too fast.

Watch your speed!

The speed limit generally depends on the type of road. On most city streets, the speed limit is 50 km/h. But it can be much lower in school zones (for example, 30 km/h), so pay attention to signs!

If you exceed the speed limit, the fine and number of demerit points you receive will depend on how fast you were driving. For example, if you were going 60 km/h in a 30 km/h zone, you could receive a $90 ticket and two demerit points.

As of August 1, the fines for speeding in a school zone are double during the times indicated on the signs.

School buses have priority

When a school bus is stopped, its lights are flashing and its stop sign extended, you must stop your vehicle at least five metres from the bus. This rule applies if you are behind the bus as well as if you’re facing it from the opposite side of the street. However, if there’s a median between the two sides of the street don’t have to stop if you’re on the opposite side of the street.

You could be fined $200 to $300 and receive nine demerit points for failing to stop for a school bus. Cyclists must also stop behind a bus. If they don’t, they could be fined $80 to $100.

Crossing guards rule!

You must follow the crossing guard’s orders, even if they differ from the signs.  For example, if the crossing guard has stopped traffic to let children cross, you must obey, even if the light is green.

If you don’t follow the crossing guard’s orders, you could be fined $200 to $400 and receive four demerit points.