Festivals in the Time of Pandemic

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Many festivals are happening across Quebec in the coming weeks. Here’s what you need to know to enjoy them despite the ongoing pandemic.  

Reserving a ticket online 

Check with the festival organizers if you must reserve your ticket ahead of time. 

Be careful when reserving online. Make sure that the website you’re using is secure. You will want to look for these things: 

  • a lock icon or a small key, that will appear in the left side of your browser’s address bar 
  • the address of the website starts with “https”

You should avoid websites that have a warning that they are insecure. It will look like this :  

You should also be careful if a website is asking you for more information than is necessary to reserve your tickets. Websites will normally only ask for information like:  

  • your name 
  • your address 
  • your credit card number. 

Don’t forget your mask and vaccine passport! 


The Quebec government recommends wearing a mask in public outdoor spaces, such as at an outdoor concert. Festival organizers can also require you to wear a mask. Check ahead to find out what the festival’s mask policy is.   

Everyone aged 10 and over must wear a mask in public indoor spaces and in partially covered public spaces. For example, in concert halls.  

Vaccine passport 

In most cases, people 13 and older will need to show their vaccine passport to enter a festival.  

You can prove your vaccine status in 3 ways: 

  • by showing a paper copy 
  • by showing a PDF on your phone 
  • using the VaxiCode app on your phone. 

Enjoy your festival!