Motorcycles: Rules of the Road

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Planning to take a motorcycle on your vacation? Whether it’s your own bike or one borrowed from a friend, make sure you know all the rules of the road! 

Extra rules for motorcycles

The rules for driving cars apply to driving motorcycles: respect speed limits and road signals, don’t drive while impaired, etc. But motorcyclists must follow additional rules.

You and your passengers must wear helmets or risk a fine of $200 to $300.

You also need one of these licences to drive a motorcycle, even if you’re just borrowing a friend’s motorcycle for the day:

  • class 6A for all motorcycles
  • class 6B for motorcycles with a 400-cc engine or smaller  
  • class 6C for motorcycles with 125-cc engine or smaller 

And no matter how much you love that exhaust sound, don’t amplify it by fooling around with the exhaust system. The fine for that is $200 to $300!

New rules for motorcycles

If you’re learning to drive a motorcycle, you no longer need to be accompanied. But you’re not allowed to drive between midnight and 5 am in most cases.

Wherever the speed limit is 50 km/hr or more, you must wear eye protection, such as a visor or protective glasses. If not, you risk a fine of $80 to $100. This rule doesn’t apply to passengers.

To find out all the rules about driving motorcycles, see the SAAQ website.

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