New Registration System for Pre-arranged Funeral Services

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As of January 18, 2021, vendors of pre-arranged funeral services must use the new “Register of prearranged funeral services contracts and prepurchased sepulture contracts”. This register will make it easier to find information about pre-arranged funeral services. A vendor can be fined if they do not follow the rules and check the register before making arrangements.

What does the register include?

The register includes the following information:

  • Pre-arranged funeral service contracts (embalming or cremation, urn or casket, the ceremony, headstone).
  • Purchase of a plot for a casket or for an urn. This could be a plot in a cemetery, a columbarium, or a mausoleum.
  • Contracts between individuals and the operator of a religious cemetery for a product or service provided in the cemetery.

When to check the register?

You cannot check the register yourself. Only the vendor can do so. In addition, only certain people can ask for the register be checked. You can only ask for it to be checked for yourself or for another person if you are the executor or the heir of an estate.

At the time of making arrangements

Before selling you pre-arranged funeral contracts, the business or religious cemetery (the vendor) must check the register to see if there is already a contract for the goods or services you want to buy. They must give you proof that they checked the register. They cannot charge you for this consultation.

At the time of death

When someone dies, it’s important to verify of they have made any pre-arranged funeral contracts. To find out, you can ask a vendor to check the register. You can ask for proof of the consultation.

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A contract can exist and not appear in the register right now. Most vendors have until January 18, 2021 to register their contracts. All other contracts must be registered no later than July 18, 2023.