Renting With Pets: 5 Obligations

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If you rent an apartment and you have pets, there are rules to follow.

Use the apartment responsibly

If pets are allowed in your apartment, you must act reasonably.

For example, having a dozen cats in a 4 ½ might be considered unreasonable.

Your apartment must remain first and foremost a place to live. For example, you can’t turn it into a kennel or use it to breed tropical fish commercially.

Make sure that the apartment is peaceful

You must limit unwanted contact between your animals and other renters. For example, keep your dog leashed so that they do not bother your neighbours.

In addition, you should take care that they do not bark excessively.

Maintain the apartment

You must also keep your apartment clean.

If you have animals, you should take care to avoid creating unwanted odours or other inconveniences. For example, cleaning your cat’s litter to avoid bothering your neighbours.

Keep your neighbours in mind

Your neighbours have the right to a calm environment.

This means that you must ensure that your pets do not bother them. For example, you may have to keep your cat indoors if they use common areas as a litterbox.

Important! As a tenant, you have responsibilities. If you do not fulfill them, your landlord can ask you to get rid of your pet or ask the TAL (rental board) to cancel your lease.