Your Legal Horoscope: Another Way of Looking at the Law

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For Éducaloi’s final Angle Droit radio show of 2023, one of our contributors decided to do things a little differently. She came up with a legal horoscope for the New Year!

Éducaloi lawyer Marjolaine Condrain-Morel doesn’t claim to be an astrologer, nor does she predict that any of the following events will actually happen in real life. Rather, the idea is to provide information on a variety of legal topics related to everyday life, all in good fun!


It’s time to act: an important deadline known as “prescription” will soon arrive in 2024. You’ll lose your rights due to the mere passage of time! So hurry up! And learn about prescription.


Don’t expect your significant other, with whom you have a common-law relationship, to guess what you’re thinking – they won’t. Take advantage of the New Year to talk to them openly. Explore the idea of writing an agreement that outlines the consequences of a breakup, should it happen.


A golden opportunity awaits you in the coming year. Before you invest, exercise caution! Make sure you are dealing with a person who is authorized to practice by the Autorité des marchés financiers (Quebec securities commission).


In 2024, you might be changing jobs. Don’t forget that you must give reasonable notice before resigning from your current job.


Your aging parents are sure to require a lot of your care and attention this coming year. To find out how the law supports you in this role, consult Éducaloi’s webguide on caregivers.


Things are beginning to get tense with some of your neighbors. Start the New Year on the right foot. Citizen mediation may help you solve a conflict.


Your mind has been wandering lately, reminding you that life is not eternal. Turn these thoughts into constructive action. Plan your estate. You’ll then have peace of mind.


In 2024, the stars may align in your favour and you could buy a new home! Make sure you’re on the lookout during house viewings. There could be visible signs of a defect in the building. So be careful!


Debts pile up and may make you feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, there are alternatives to bankruptcy. To find out about these options, speak to a trustee in bankruptcy or an Association coopérative d’économie familiale (ACEF).


Love is in the air, and you want to share your happiness with those around you! But before posting your couple pictures on social media, make sure you have your significant other’s consent.


In 2024, your teenager will finally have their driver’s license. Remind them, however, that there is a zero tolerance policy for alcohol and drugs while driving under the age of 22!


You may receive a demand letter in 2024. Take a deep breath: you’ve got everything you need to deal with it. Consult Éducaloi’s article on demand letters. You’ll then know how to respond appropriately.