On January 31, 2020 a new Internet Code came into effect and introduces new rights for consumers. For example, the major internet providers must now provide: easier-to-understand contracts, documents and policies clearer information about prices for bundles, promotions and time-limited discounts bill shock protection, via notifications when customers approach their data-usage limit new rules permitting customers to cancel a contract within 45... Read more

  February 21 is International Mother Language Day. This is a good time to recall some important principles regarding the right to a legal interpreter in a multilingual society such as Canada.   Understanding and being understood In Canada, people involved in a court action have the right to an interpreter if they do not understand or speak the language being used. This applies both to people involved in a criminal trial (the accused, the... Read more

  In Quebec, low-income people and families can get legal aid, which provides the services of a lawyer at little or no cost. Many people do not realize that they qualify for this assistance. Find out if you’re eligible.   Myths and realities Many people think that legal aid is only for people who receive social assistance (welfare). This is false, and it’s not the only myth circulating about legal aid. Here are some others.   Are you eligible?... Read more

  Winter sports are in full swing right now, with the recent heavy snowfalls! But accidents can happen at any time.   Accepting normal risks…. Sports like ice skating or downhill skiing involve certain risks, such as falls that can lead to serious injuries. If you choose to practice such activities, you are considered to have accepted the normal and foreseeable risks involved. This means that, if there’s an accident, such as a fall, you will... Read more

Due to the coronavirus epidemic in China, the Government of Canada has issued a travel advisory urging Canadians to avoid all non-essential travel to China.   Reimbursement of travel expenses If you were planning to travel to China in the next few weeks, you could choose to cancel your trip, now that the Canadian government has issued this travel advisory. If you do cancel, you could be entitled to compensation from the Compensation Fund for... Read more

  After announcing an overhaul of the Ethics and Religious Culture program, the Quebec government has launched a wide-scale public consultation to determine the content of the new program. One of the themes being considered is legal education, which is at the heart of Éducaloi’s mission.   Eight proposed themes The government is consulting the public and education professionals about these eight themes: Citizen Participation and Democracy... Read more

Parents who agree to change a child custody or child support judgment can use the Homologation Assistance Service (HAS). Legal aid offers this service to everyone at little or no cost.   Agreeing to change an existing judgment To use the Homologation Assistance Service (HAS), you must already have a judgment determining child custody or child support. This is the case if you and your ex-spouse signed an agreement and you had it approved by the... Read more

Volkswagen pleaded guilty to numerous violations of the Canadian Environment Protection Act.   A record-breaking fine Last week, an Ontario judge ordered Volkswagen to pay the Canadian government an unprecedented fine of $196.5 million. The funds will be paid into the government’s Environmental Damages Fund. Volkswagen may eventually have to pay more money as a result of a class action lawsuit currently underway in Quebec, which was launched on... Read more