Test Your Knowledge: Working as a Minor in Quebec 

Test Your Knowledge

The Quebec government recently adopted new rules concerning work by minors. Among the changes are a new minimum age to work and a maximum of 17 hours of work per week during the school year. Try these three questions about the new rules to learn more. 

True or False


Although the minimum age to work is now 14, there are some exceptions. A child under 14 can do certain jobs if they have parental permission. For example, they can deliver newspapers, babysit, help with homework, or tutor. Under certain conditions, they can also work in a small family business, a non-profit organization such as a summer camp, do work of an artistic nature, or work in a small agricultural business to pick fruit or take care of animals.

No matter what, school must remain the priority. This means work can’t interfere with attending school until the end of the school year when the youth turns 16.


There’s a minimum age for doing certain jobs. Here are some examples.

You must be at least 16 to

  • drive a forklift,
  • use a chainsaw to cut down trees, or
  • work in an open-pit mine.

You must be at least 18 to work

  • with explosives,
  • in an underground mine, or
  • in a bar.

However, minors can work and serve alcoholic beverages in a restaurant.


While the general rule is that the employer must ensure the minor can be at home during these hours, there are some exceptions.

This rule doesn’t apply to minors who are no longer required to go to school. It also doesn’t apply to minors who deliver newspapers or babysit.