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Legal aid lets you get the services of a lawyer either free or at low cost. To see if qualify, legal aid must look at your financial situation and the legal services you need.   

How does legal aid work?

You must qualify for either free legal aid or legal aid at a low cost. To see if you qualify, make an appointment with the legal aid office near you. They will analyse your situation.

If you qualify for legal aid, can you choose your own lawyer?

Challenging a refusal

If your request for legal aid is refused, you will get a written notice with the reason it was refused. If you disagree with the decision, you can ask that it be re-examined.

Legal services covered

Certain legal services are covered by legal aid, while others depend on the situation. Also, some services are never covered by legal aid, such as a suing someone for defamation or contesting a parking ticket. You must make an appointment with the closest legal aid office to have your situation evaluated.

Partnership with the Commission des services juridiques

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