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A breakup raises emotional issues. But there are legal issues as well. If there are children involved, who will they live with? How does the divorce process work? What about support payments? These are just a few of the questions you might have. This series of articles explains your rights and responsibilities during a separation or divorce.

These articles only apply to married couples. Different rules apply to unmarried couples, often called “common-law” couples. To learn more, see our Editor’s Picks file about common-law couples.


Did you know that there is a way to settle issues arising from a breakup without going to court? You can use a process called mediation.


Parenting is a lifetime responsibility! Even after a breakup, parents must continue to provide for their children. How? Through child support payments. What about living arrangements for children? Children might want to have a say about this. These articles explain the responsibilities of parents and rights of children.

Child Custody and Visiting Rights

Division of Property

A breakup also involves dividing up property. The rules that apply depend on your particular situation and the type of property in issue.

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