First Job: Legal or Illegal?

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With the reopening of the economy, many businesses are hiring. Some people will be starting their first job. It’s the perfect time to test your knowledge about your rights as a worker!  

Question 1: You get a job as a barista working for minimum wage at a café. Your employer makes you pay for your own uniform. 

Legal or illegal?

Illegal! Your employer must pay for your uniform because you pay minimum wage. They must also pay for it if it identifies you as an employee (if it has a logo, etc.).

Question 2: You’re a student. You get an internship in your field. It’s unpaid. 

Legal or illegal?

Legal! It’s not mandatory to pay interns

Question 3: You do a ‘trial’ day at a job you hope to get. They do not pay you for the hours you work. 

Legal or illegal?

Illegal! The Act respecting labour standards requires employers to pay workers at least the minimum wage. This means that they must pay you for your trial period.

Question 4: You start your shift as scheduled. However, business is slow and there are no customers. Your boss decides not to pay because you had nothing to do. 

Legal or illegal?

Illegal! Your employer must pay you for the time you are at work and available to work. It doesn’t matter if there are no customers.

Question 5: You work at a fast food restaurant. The customers do not leave tips.  

Legal or illegal?

Legal! If you do not work in a restaurant or cafeteria without table service, you are not an employee paid by tip.