Free Family Mediation for Separating Couples Without Dependent Children

In the News

Couples who separate without dependent children now have access to 3 free hours of mediation with an accredited mediator. This pilot project will be running from February 18, 2021 to June 30, 2022.

Available whether you were married or not

This new service is available to ex-couples who were married, in a civil union, or in a common law relationship. Mediation can help married couples agree on how to share the family property (officially called the “family patrimony”) or the matrimonial property. Similarly, it can also help common law couples negotiate how to divide the things they bought together.

A free and effective program

This program offers 3 free hours of mediation to couples without dependent children. Until now, this program was only available to couples with dependent children. The Quebec government will pay the licensed mediator’s fees.  

Family mediation can also be an effective way to avoid going to court. The mediator is a neutral person who can help ex-couples reach a fair agreement on how to resolve their differences. It gives both partners a chance to express their needs and wishes.

Other resources

To find an accredited mediator, visit Justice Quebec’s website.

To learn more about mediation, please read our articles on separating without going to court.