Home Insurance: Travel With Peace of Mind!

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Travelling takes planning. Packing up and getting ready to go is one thing. But make sure to also take steps to protect your home while you’re away!

Inform the insurance company

You must let your insurance company know if you plan on being away and leaving the house empty for over 30 consecutive days. For example, if you’re leaving for two months and no one will be house-sitting while you’re away, you’ll have to inform them. But if you’re only gone for a week, you don’t have to let them know.

Check what your insurance covers

Not all insurance contracts are the same. Some situations may not be covered if your home is empty. For some peace of mind, you can ask your insurance company what exactly your insurance covers. They can also give you examples of situations that aren’t covered by your insurance. The Autorité des marchés financiers (Quebec’s governmental agency that oversees financial services) recommends that you do this whether you rent or own your home.

Avoid potential damage while you’re away

It can be a good idea to take a few other steps before you leave. For example, if you turn down the heat in your home, make sure your pipes don’t freeze. The Insurance Bureau of Canada recommends turning off the water and draining your pipes. You can also ask someone to check on your home every day.