Masks and Hand Sanitizer: Who Pays?

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Elementary and high school students must wear a mask at school. Some students must wear it all the time, others only when they are moving around. In addition to masks, students must also disinfect their hands regularly. Why do parents have to pay for the mask but not the hand sanitizer?

Masks: Personal belongings

Masks are a personal accessory that only your child will use. Therefore, you must pay for them just like you pay for other school supplies (pencils, erasers, pencil case, scissors, etc.). This also applies for sports clothes for physical education classes because they are for your child’s own use.  

Hand sanitizer: provided by the school

Your school must provide soap and hand towels or hand sanitizer, which will be more important this year than ever.

In fact, your school must provide everything that is necessary for health, hygiene, or cleanliness at the school. This means that you don’t have to pay for things like Kleenex, wipes, cleaning products, and disinfecting products for things like musical instruments.