Off-road Vehicles: New Rules

Legal News

The next time you go off-roading, there will be new rules to follow. What are they? 

16 years old, with a driver’s license 

You must be 16 to drive an off-road vehicle on a trail, road, public lands, or private land belonging to a municipality. In addition, a driver’s license is mandatory.  

You must be 18 to rent an off-road vehicle.  

Required paperwork 

You’ll have to carry certain paperwork (printed or electronic) when you drive your off-road vehicle, such as: 

  • driver’s license 
  • proof of liability insurance ($500,000) 
  • registration 
  • photo ID with date of birth 
  • certificate of competence and knowledge if you’re 16 or 17 
  • a copy of the lease or rental contract.  

What vehicles are covered? 

An off-road vehicle can be any motorized vehicle that can drive on non-paved surfaces or difficult terrain. For example, snow, mud, or other natural areas.  

Some examples of off-road vehicles are: 

  • snowmobile 
  • quads (or ATVs) 
  • motocross 
  • all-terrain motorcycle. 

Attention! Driving off-road while impaired by drugs or alcohol is a crime. It doesn’t matter if you’re on private or public land.