Online Shopping: Can You Get a Refund?

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Many Quebecers did their holiday shopping online. But what if a present wasn’t right for the person you got it for? Can you get a refund?

If you’re not satisfied with your purchase

Generally, the seller doesn’t have to take the product back and give you a refund. But the seller may have to reimburse you, for example, if the product is defective.

Many retailers also agree to provide refunds in accordance with their return and exchange policies. So you can check the store’s policy.

If you don’t receive your order

You can cancel your online purchase and get a refund if the item is not shipped 30 days

  • after you bought it, or
  • after the shipping date.

You must tell the seller in writing that you want to be reimbursed.

If the seller refuses to refund you, and you bought the item with your credit card, you are protected through what is called a “chargeback.” Your financial institution will reimburse you if the seller doesn’t reimburse you within 15 days of sending your cancellation notice. After 15 days, you can request a chargeback. From that point, you have 60 days to make the request.

The chargeback request must be in writing. It must include

  • your name and the name of the seller,
  • your credit card number and the expiry date,
  • the purchase date, the cancellation date and how you sent the cancellation notice, and
  • a description of the item, and the amount you asked to be refunded.