Small Claims Court: Resources to Help You

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You want to take a case to small claims court? Or maybe you’re being sued in this court? In addition to our Web guide, here are other helpful resources.

Sued or being sued?

Do you want to claim $15,000 or less from someone? This pamphlet will help you with each step in the process. It even tells you how to settle out of court. Also, watch our video on mediation.

Is someone claiming $15,000 or less from you? This pamphlet explains how to prepare and gives some useful resources to help you.

series of videos (French only) on frequently asked questions is available from the Jeune Barreau de Québec in association with the Centres de justice de proximité (local community justice centres).

Bring Proof

Representing yourself has its advantages. But without a lawyer to make the case for you, it’s up to you to bring the evidence (proof) to win your case. So be prepared!

Watch our video with tips for preparing your case.  

This guide (French only) will help you prepare your case so the odds are in your favour.

Consult a professional

At any time, consult Boussole juridique to find free or low-cost legal resources near you.

The Young Bar of Montreal offers free 20-minute consultations with a lawyer to people who must appear in court. You must make an appointment. Visit

Free information sessions on small claims court are offered (in French), by these resources:

  • Centres de justice de proximité (local community justice centres): See their calendar to find a session at a centre near you.
  • Some courthouses: Check with your local courthouse. Use the Justice Québec search tool to find contact information.
  • Some local sections of the Barreau du Québec: Check with the section in your region. Use this search tool (French only) to find contact information.