Nudity, Alcohol and Cannabis: A Short Summer Quiz

Test Your Knowledge

Whether you live in an isolated region or the heart of a bustling city, you no doubt want to enjoy the sun and summer fun. But there’s also such a thing as “too much fun”. Try our quiz and test your knowledge of what’s allowed – and what’s not – in Quebec.

A Short Summer Quiz

It depends!

Nothing in our Criminal Code says going topless in public is illegal. Many court decisions over the years have confirmed that nudity, in itself, is not a crime in Canada.

However, nudity becomes a crime when it is considered “indecent”. This generally means when nudity is associated with sexual behaviour. So, a little sunbathing on the beach, or breastfeeding your child, should not land you in hot water!

It depends!

Drinking alcohol in a park is generally illegal unless the regulations for that municipality allow it. Many municipalities in Quebec, including Montreal and Quebec City, do allow alcohol consumption under certain conditions. In some cases, it’s limited to picnic tables. In others, alcohol must be consumed with a meal.

Some municipalities only allow it in certain parks. For example, in Trois-Rivières, you can only drink alcohol in the Île Saint-Quentin, Terre-des-Loisirs, Pie-XII, Laviolette, Antoine-Gauthier, and des Chenaux parks.

And don’t forget that it’s illegal for a person under 18 to buy alcohol.


In Quebec, it’s illegal to grow cannabis at home. This is much stricter than federal law, which permits growing up to four plants per person at home.

This Quebec law was contested all the way up to the Supreme Court of Canada, which ruled that Quebec is allowed to have this stricter law on its territory.

It depends!

In general, you don’t have to wear a helmet while riding an ordinary bike. However, individual municipalities may have stricter rules. For example, in Sherbrooke, people under 18 must wear a helmet. If you are riding an electric bike, you must wear a helmet.


You’re no better off on the terrace than inside the restaurant if you want to smoke while you eat. Also, keep in mind that you cannot smoke within nine metres of the door to a public place where smoking is usually forbidden.

These rules apply to all tobacco products as well as to e-cigarettes.

Did you know?

You’re not allowed to smoke on school grounds or the grounds of a day-care centre.