Free Legal Aid for Victims of Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence

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Are you experiencing sexual abuse or domestic violence? Rebâtir (which means “rebuild”) is a free service offered by legal aid. You can ask them any legal questions you have about your situation.

Free service

Rebâtir offers you four hours of free legal advice from a legal aid lawyer if you’re experiencing sexual abuse or domestic violence.

You don’t have to qualify for legal aid to use this service. Also, there’s no requirement to file a police report.

Domestic violence isn’t limited to physical violence. It can also involve controlling someone by force, as well as verbal, psychological, sexual or economic violence.

You can ask questions about different topics

You can ask legal aid lawyers questions about a lot of things: child custody, police reports, child protection, paying rent, etc.

For example, you can contact Rebâtir if you want to know

  • how to file a police report,
  • how to get custody of your children and support payments,
  • if you have to pay rent even if you moved out of your apartment,
  • if you’re entitled to financial help or social assistance, and
  • what to do if your former partner is harassing you near your home or on social media.

How to contact Rebâtir

Don’t hesitate to contact Rebâtir:

  • (for English, click on “EN” on the bottom right side of the home page)
  • 1-833-REBATIR (1-833-732-2847 – service available in English)

In an emergency, call the police at 9-1-1.

You can also look at our list of resources and organizations that offer assistance