Legal Aid: Are You Eligible?

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In Quebec, low-income people and families can get legal aid, which provides the services of a lawyer at little or no cost. Many people do not realize that they qualify for this assistance. Find out if you’re eligible.

Myths and realities

Many people think that legal aid is only for people who receive social assistance (welfare). This is false, and it’s not the only myth circulating about legal aid. Here are some others.

Are you eligible?

Did you know that there are two ways to benefit from legal aid? In addition to free legal aid, there’s also a program in which people whose income exceeds the cut-offs for free legal can receive legal aid by paying a contribution. See if you qualify.

Social assistance and support payments

If you apply for social assistance and you have children, you may be asked to apply for support payments (alimentary pension) for your children. You can apply for support payments free of charge with a legal aid lawyer.  

Find out more

To learn more about eligibility for legal aid, the types of cases covered and how to prepare for a legal aid appointment, you can consult our legal aid dossier.