New Laws in the Works

In the News

Lawmakers are heading home for the summer. But they’ve proposed some new laws that might impact your everyday life.

Road Safety

New rules of the road will take effect gradually until 2019. They included increased fines, no more headphones for cyclists and curfews for people learning to drive.

Labour standards

New labour standards to improve work-life balance will take effect gradually until 2019.

Consumer protection

Changes to control the sale of tickets to events and time share will help protect consumers.


Adopted children will have access to some information about their biological parents, and Indigenous customary adoption will be officially recognized. 


Firearms, including hunting rifles, will have to be registered in Quebec’s gun registry.

Sexual assault on campus

Colleges and universities will have to adopt a policy to combat sexual assault by January 1, 2019. The policy must provide for student safety, psychological support and follow-up of complaints.

Religious neutrality

A ban on face coverings when giving or receiving public services will take effect and the rules will be set for dealing with religious accommodation requests.