New Specialized Court for Sexual and Domestic Violence

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Several regions of Quebec will soon see the creation of a specialized court for sexual and domestic violence. What does this mean?

Appropriate services from the moment a complaint is made to the police

As soon as a person decides to contact the police because of a situation of sexual violence or domestic violence, they will receive services adapted to their needs. A special process is then set in motion.

For example, this may mean:

  • being accompanied by people trained in the realities of sexual or conjugal violence
  • meeting in safe places
  • having the same prosecutor for all the steps

Ongoing training will also be offered to all those involved in the process (police, lawyers, prosecutors, judges, and court staff).

A specialized division within the Court of Québec

The Court of Quebec will create a specialized division within itself. This division will only hear criminal cases that involve sexual and domestic violence issues. The Court of Quebec already has several specialized divisions that only hear certain cases (e.g., small claims, youth division).

This project will start with a pilot program in five regions of Quebec. Thereafter, each region will have a specialized section.

Please note! The specialized court does not change the rights of the accused. For example, the presumption of innocence remains.

Free legal consultation

Legal Aid now offers four hours of free legal consultation for victims of sexual and domestic violence.

You do not have to have filed a complaint with the police to receive this service. You can ask questions about many things, such as your lease, custody of your children, or about the involvement of the Director of Youth Protection (DYP) in your life.

Contact the Rebâtir (rebuild) program through its website or by calling 1-833-REBATIR (1-833-732-2847).

Also check out our list of resources and support organizations if you are looking for help.